I Found a New Place to Stay

Of course it was obvious all along way the old landlord wanted to get rid of me, his father gave me a terrific deal on the place. It was about five blocks away from campus, I would not even ride my bike to class most days. At any rate the son took over and decided to run me off so he could raise the rent on the next guy. I am living with three guys and a girl now. I actually learned a new term today, bahis siteleri. That means casino site or gambling site. When I was eating breakfast today there were two of these guys really quite mad at each other over not having placed a bet on a soccer match. One of them was saying that the other owed him the money that he should have won, but the other told him something in Turkish that really made him rather mad. It looked as though a fight was going to break out for a little while.

The girl is actually the landlord more or less. She and I take computer science together, she gets me to help her pretty much. At any rate her parents bought the place and fixed it up so that they would not have to pay five years of rent while she was in school. They think she has four girls paying her rent, but actually that would be the opposite of what they want since she likes girls. At any rate she was having none of this and threatened to have their stuff on the curb if they did not squelch their beef. She then made me help her with her Comp Sci project, and I was happy to do it if she gave me a break on the rent. Instead she tried to set me up with one of her girlfriends. I tried to have both.