5 Ways to Ensure a Healthy Working Environment

5 Ways to Ensure a Healthy Working Environment

A healthy working environment can improve many things for your business; including productivity, less sick days in your staff, and even retention rates as people are happier. However, promoting a healthy working environment isn’t always easy, especially if you are not sure where to even start this process.

With that in mind, Introduce these five boosts into your work environment and you may be surprised at the increase in happiness and health – sometimes even overnight!

1 – Have a Clean-Down Day

An antiseptic wet wipe used on a desk at least once a week can actually vastly improve the overall cleanliness of this working space. Think about all of the gross things that people allow to build upon their desks on a regular basis. Crumbs, sneeze debris, coffee stains and even nastier things such as hair and nails in some cases (depending on the hygiene standards of your coworkers). Enforcing one day a week where all of this is cleaned away, then, can improve the health of your working environment exponentially.

2 – Play Music

What does music have to do with health? Well, some research suggests that music in the workplace actually helps to reduce stress in the long term. Dopamine is released in the body as music plays and, as we all know, this is the chemical in our brains which makes us feel happy. The fact is that fun, upbeat, music is also great to help us feel inspired and creative throughout the day. This then helps to increase productivity throughout the day. In busy, noisy, workplaces conversely you may want to arrange for an acoustic attenuator in order to protect your employer’s hearing instead.

3 – Lots of Plants

Greenery can not only be a nice way to brighten up your space and make your employees feel just that little bit happier, but they can also improve productivity and even ensure fewer days off. Why this happens is something up for debate, but they do act as a natural air scrubber and so could help to remove toxins from the office air in a natural way.

4 – Air Quality

Sickness and fatigue are one of the biggest problems your workers can face when the air quality in your working environment is poor. That is why investing in an industrial ventilation system can be the difference between a very sick, with many sick days to match working environment, and one that is healthy, productive, and fewer days are wasted as a result.

5 – Fruit Day

Eating healthy is another big part of having a healthy office, though something that you may find harder to control as an employer. You can’t dictate to your workers what to eat. But, you can encourage them to eat healthily by promoting healthy lunches and even offering free fruit on one particular day every week. A good selection would include bananas, apples, berries and melons. This can be a cheap and cheerful solution, allowing you to promote a healthy lifestyle without being seen as pushing this on your workers.