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Several Benefits of Vactor Truck Rental

City and municipal officials know that sewage spills can cause irreparable property damage and even serious health concerns for their citizens, so it should be clear that preventing spills constitutes an absolute necessity when it comes to city maintenance. Preventing spills is usually a simple matter of using vactor trucks to clear out blockages and clean gunk from around sewer walls before these issues are able to cause serious problems. The equipment required to provide this valuable service can be expensive, though; luckily, a vactor truck rental provides a much more cost-efficient alternative.

Financial Sustainability

Many cities and districts find that their funding becomes significantly stretched after major projects, but that shouldn’t mean that officials are unable to provide their residents with much-needed maintenance services like sewer cleaning. Renting a vactor truck allows municipalities to access the equipment they need to perform this important task without having to make a massive financial commitment to buying new equipment. Of course, rentals provide only a short-term solution; however, this solution may help municipalities access to the equipment they need while they replenish their funds to purchase their own trucks for long-term use.

Zero Maintenance Costs

Another important benefit of renting vactor trucks instead of purchasing them outright is that the rental companies are fully responsible for equipment maintenance. This maintenance is essential for preventing premature equipment failures; however, it costs a good deal of money. Municipalities who choose to rent their equipment can avoid incurring maintenance costs, which are included in their fixed rental rates.

Discounts for Long-Term Contracts

Although vactor truck rentals generally constitute only short-term solutions to allow municipalities access to the equipment they need even if they can’t afford to buy it outright, those who do choose to use rentals as a long-term solution will find that they may be offered discounted rates. When they purchase their own equipment on credit, they are usually subject to variable interest rates, which can be more difficult to predict and can lead to much higher overall costs.

No Need for Storage

Purchasing trucks and maintaining them aren’t the only aspects of vactor truck ownership that require substantial monetary investments. Storing that equipment can also be quite costly, as can hiring drivers to operate it. Rental companies provide on-site storage and sometimes offer to send operators out along with their equipment to save their customers even more money.